What will we call Interns next?

I don’t know if the term “Intern” ever really had any dignity or prestige, but after seeing someone use “intern” in a derogatory way in the tweet “Easy fixes an unpaid intern could do in 59 min or less., any remaining dignity was just killed.

So what will people call “Interns” when the term is looked at in disgust? When employers can’t convince young people to work for free in order to put “Intern” on their?r?sum?.

Steward/Stewardess became Flight Attendant. ?Garbage Man became Trash Collector. ?And Waiter/Waitress became server. Remember when they changed the original use of “Interns”, which referred to training medical students received at hospitals, to “Residents”.

Here are a few suggestions for new terms:

  1. Quasi-employees /?Pseudo-Employees
  2. Droids
  3. Employteers

Check out a discussion over at the Human Capital Strategy message board?(a pretty dehumanizing name) about coming up with a new term for interns.


I couldn’t have come up with names as creative as they did.

Some of their gems are:

  1. Professional Inductees
  2. Talent Identification Program
  3. Learnership programmes
  4. Cadetships

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