Unbelievably Illegal Unpaid Internship Ad

Just when you think people are starting to realize that unpaid internships are not a vehicle for free labor someone decides to post one of the most egregious internships ads I’ve seen. It should be a surprise that it was posted on FreeFashionInternship.com. Thankfully, the owners of the website point out that it is unlawful. [I’ve corrected some of the basic grammatical errors so that it is readable]

Personal assistant to designer

We are looking for a kick ass personal assistant to designer to handle any task that comes. What would you do to get into the most exclusive industry in the world and be around some of the most incredible people you’ve ever meant. This is the dream of a lifetime for you. If you feel you have what it takes to assist a fashion designer that never sleeps and you can handle late hours and running around NYC for the most insane things and being called at the weeee hours in the morning and late at night then this is the internship for you. And trust me this will be the experience of a lifetime from being on the most insane photo shoots with celebrities to having meetings with the top editors in the fashion industry. If you live and breathe fashion and can commit to a UNPAID fulltime position for 3 months then the job is yours but you better be FIERCE ! This position is fulltime 40+ you must be open to weekends . This designer only sleeps 2 hours a day so be prepared!!! Send us a current FULL BODY PHOTO if you along with your cover letter and resume and a brief description on why you want to work for NATASHA MORGAN. If do not send your photo your resume will be DELETED immediately which means you can’t follow simple instructions and we have no time for waste!NYC residents onlyRequirements and responsibilities: -20 and older -FASHIONABLE- edgy,chic,fierce (head to toe) 4-6 inch heels always unless you are a guy -Live and Breathe and DIEEEEE for FASHION -Computer literate ,photoshop,excel,micrsoftword -YOU MUST BE SMART and think on you toes -problem solver at any cost -don’t ask dumb questions -get the job done -real research (that means find it no questions!!!!) -great attitude -social media /all -willing to do anything at anytime to get the task done no questions asked. -running errands personal and business -multitask to get it all done in a timely manner*Again don’t waste our time only the strong need apply