Top 5 Worst Unpaid Internships

1. “Japanese Translator Internship”

“Korean Speaking Fashion Production Interns Needed ASAP!” – When a business is looking for someone who can speak and translate another language, they just want to use the unpaid interns skills for their own benefit.

2. “Retail E-Commerce Internship for Students with a Sense of Humor!”

Not only is this business seeking someone with e-commerce skills, but they want you to entertain them at the same time. I guess if Jerry Seinfeld applied for the unpaid internship he would be at the top of the list.

3. “Fitness Internship”


4. Federal Reserve Unpaid Internship

The Federal Reserve creates money out of thin air and they still can’t pay interns for their work?

5. Department of Justice: Special Assistant United States Attorney

The DOJ is looking for lawyers with substantial experience to work for free for a year. The job ad says that the minimum requirement is 3 years of legal experience, but the preferred qualification is that the lawyer should have 5 years of experience after law school. Even the government can’t afford to pay their interns anymore. If they got rid of their internship program, would they not hire someone instead?