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Internships at a Time of a Pandemic
Salary statistics for 2020 indicate that COVID-19 has caused workers to suffer pay cuts and job losses. Similarly, interns are not spared. Those with internships slated for the summer of 2020 find that employers will be canceling them without pay. While most students feel disappointed, they also sympathize with employers. Those who are lucky enough to have an internship will be doing so remotely.

22% of employers plan to revoke offers to interns in the summer of 2020.
30% of junior and senior college students had their internships canceled.
83% of employers are moving their internship programs online.
84% of college students are willing to participate in a remote internship.
41% of employers will be cutting down on the length of their internship programs.
Only 7% of schools will give financial aid to students if employers revoke their internship.
64% of employers will not be compensating interns for canceled internships.
70% of current college students feel disappointed about canceled internships. However, they also understand the impact of the pandemic on companies. On the other hand, 26% feel upset.
51% of current college students who switched to a virtual internship feel glad that it did not get canceled.

Martina McBride’s Husband, Blackbird Studio Found Guilty of Retaliation in Unpaid Intern Lawsuit

The case was heard in federal court this week and John McBride and Blackbird Studios were found guilty of retaliation. The jury found liability and overall economic exposure could total close to half a million dollars.

The jury ended up awarding Hanson $100,000 in compensatory damages, $59,000 in back pay and $59,000 in liquidated damages at the Judge’s discretion.

Country singer Martina McBride and her husband John McBride are facing a lawsuit over unpaid interns performing personal errands

According to the lawsuit, Hanson claims that unpaid interns had to pick up groceries for Martina McBride, pick up and deliver food orders and at one time, check for a possible intruder. Hanson reported this to the U.S. Department of Labor. John McBride allegedly responded by firing Hanson upon discovering that he’d been reported.